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You can create an online presence or a website in several ways & by exploring many options nowadays.
Or you can simply relise that you’re in the right place and let WebZen take care of getting online for you.

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Step 1. The art of choosing the right Domain Name

If you’re thinking of starting up online, or creating a new blog, finding the right domain name can be a great way of boosting your chances of success. But, choosing one can be really tricky. It’s one of the most important steps in getting started online.

There are a lot of things to consider and it can feel overwhelming, so here are some tips to make it easier. Your website is the face of your business online.
Apply the following for best results just as you would when registering a new business:

  • Make it easy to remember
  • Make it as short as you can
  • Include a keyword people may use when searching for you
  • Use .Com for big buinesses
  • Use.Co.Uk for a local trusted site
  • Avoid trademarked names

All of the factors listed above should be considered when choosing your domain name.  Based on your situation you may disregard some to focus on others, and that’s fine.  These factors will help you make the best choice for your business from the names currently available to register with us today.

Step 2. Select your Webhosting Package wisely


What Are Your Hosting Needs?

It’s a good idea to simply call up your webhosts and talk to them directly.

A good provider should listen to what your immidiate needs for hosting your site(s) are and look at a solution that fits your site(s) use down the line.

Always try to keep the future of your website in mind and plan for today as well as tommorow. This way you can saved yourself a lot of additional work and costs later on.

Choose Your Hosting Type

There are simply ( 2 ) yes thats right two, general types of hosting offered by web hosting companies: Linux and Windows. The other or 3rd is actually Linux based also but is referred to often to as a WordPress  or ( WordPress Accelerated ) hosting platform.

For the most part you will only every need Linux based webhosting which you can host any type of website on today.

Secure Automated Billing

Fully automated secure payment with advance notifications means simple billing with no surprises.

Comparing Features Others Webhosts Don’t Always Offer !

We advise also comparing the most important features that are often not talked about by many webhosts today!

Can you pick up the phone and simply talk to someone for help should you need to ay any time? When you do are you more confused than when you started?

Will the person you talk to raise a support ticket for you that you can refer back ( if needs be ) if you can’t or simply don’t have time to that day?

More than the unlimited features we offer… we aim to make all aspects of hosting, creating and mantaining your site or sites jargon free, simple and well… easy !

Simple Web Hosting Anytime

Once you order webhosting or a domain name with us you will receive a simple secure e-mail that contains details on how & where to login and access your new web site hosting account from any PC/Mac or mobile device online.

Step 3. With WebZen it’s easy to design or selfbuild your website

Web Site Planning

Site planning is arguably the most important stage, because what’s decided here sets the stage for the entire project. We can help you plan or plan for you based on the time and budget you have available.

Web Design

The web design stage involves shifting the info outlined in the planning stage into reality. The main aim is to create a visual idea of how your site may look and feel.

This is where sites designed by WebZen excel, we ensure your site(s) will be as unique and useful to you as they are inviting to your sites visitors.

Web Development

Web development involves adding any additional coding or interactive elements that work for your site, as well as adding content (by yourself or that you supply to us) that you want your visitors to see and use online.

Pre-Launch & Handover

The site pre-launch & handover preps your site for live viewing. This requires live testing, final layout changes, spelling and grammar checks and training in how to use / update or edit you site.

Your actuall launch should also involve a social network / public or media build up to your site going live to bring traffic and announce your site to the world !


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural,” or “organic” results.

SEO – Keyword Analysis

We can research your industry to determine which real search terms are most often used to find businesses like yours by people every day.

On-Page SEO

Optimizing your web page content (includng images & media ) for search engines to find includes tasks like increasing your search term keyword usage, ensuring correct keyword placement, improving you sites readability score and more

Link Building

In the field of SEO, link building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage. Our experts focus on building relevant links from other sites to your that boost your authority online increasing your rank in search engines.

Local SEO services

Our local SEO services provide everything you need to rank and drive traffic in your local market from or within the area you operate or intented to expand into. We can even provide geographical phone numbers to help local cudtomers reach you with confidence in any area.

Build your website the WebZen way… let us take care of the technical, the tedious and the tiresome so you never have to !

Building, hosting and designing any website should not be difficult, stressful or tiresome no matter what your budget is. Which is why we at WebZen are here to help you ensure that it never is..!  Let us guide you, teach you and support you every step of the way. It doesn’t matter if you have one website site or many. We’ve got you covered !

Why Choose WebZen

Fully Integrated Services

Our designers, artists, printers & developers work seemlessly together as a team to enhance any project you may have with less hassle & cost !

Multi Media Creative Team

We’ll have the creative experts to bring your website, campaigns and business ideas to life

Fast UK Based SSD Servers

We offer some of the fastest, easy to use Solid State Drive cloud servers avaialble in the UK today !

30 Day Money Back Policy

We deliver our promises, we offer a 30-days money back guarantee+ 30-days free tech support

WebZen Technical Support

Whatever technical difficulty you may face our support is always friendly, professional and jargon free.

Responsive Website Design

We build responsive websites that auto adapt to device screens, like smart phones, tablets and desktop

WebZens Track Record





The word on WebZen

  • I have more insight from half an hour talking to WebZen than godaddy gave me in all the years I was with them. For almost 7 years now WebZen have been a godsend to us " We'd never use anyone else " ! ( 5+ Websites, 5+ Hosting, + 5+ Domains )

    Kim McConnachie
    Kim McConnachie
    Aberdeen Wedding Shop
  • I've felt like a total " Web Guru " since having these guys in our corner.
    They are so switched on to my ideas for sites it's like they can read minds
    I'm often asked what the secret to our online sucess is.. Now you know !

    Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor
    Scottish Energy Saving Website
  • From logo design work to our website and more WebZen are always there.
    Even when I replaced my laptop they sourced the best around for my budget
    Then they even helped me set it up remotely over the phone. AMAZING !

    Jamie Allison
    Jamie Allison
    Poppy Construction Ltd

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