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WebZen by ADCinternet is a combined design, build and hosting platform that focuses on simplicity, quality, innovation, & speed.

We utilise the latest web cloud server & hosting technology to bring results that help our clients and thier businesses to grow quickly and effortlessly no matter what size or type of web site, presence or solution they require.

We pride ourselves on our fanatical work ethic, integrity, and the end-results we produce for our clients every day of the year. Throughout the past 16 years right back to it’s original beginnings ADCinternet has been creating simple, stunning and functional websites.

We employ only the latest award winning web platforms, shoping cart platforms and instant website building platforms around to achieve the best results for our customers.

This results in our clients being able obtain a better overall web presence with less hasstle, less fuss and less effort than could ever imagined. This is especially true for those with little or no website development or web hosting experience.


The WebZen Philosophy

Our company philosophy is to create & develop the kind of websites that most businesses want: easy to find, stylish and appealing, quick loading, mobile responsive and easy to use, operate, navigate and maintain but without the complications usually associated with websites, webhosting or web development!

WebZen blends the the two key requirements of any website to create a blance that works for you the site owner as much as it does for your site visitors. Getting getting a websites functionality, usability and operation in the correct proportions with appeal, layout, design and ease of use is an art form.

When your website works for you in your operation and management of it as well as it does for your visitors your website takes on a look and feel that is as unique and individual as you or your business is.

Getting the synergy of function and form correct is the art of WebZen and Having coined the phrase ourselves and developing the skill and art over many many years Webzen is a quality you will not find anywhere else online.

WebZen customers want the best the web has to offer both them and their site visitors. At the same time we all want want simplicity in life. If you simply want your site to work as it should, when it should and for the purpose it was created without hasstle then you are already in the right place !

A WebZen Masters true calling is to serve your online needs

We’ve designed our entire process and products around providing everything your individual and small businesses needs especially for when you are starting out – we ensure that working with us is always a quick, easy and hassle-free experience.

We give our clients full control of their website without a ridiculous price tag, and our friendly, down to earth approcable team offers their expertise before, during and even after your website is live.

We are the original creators and masters of WebZen in the market place today. Our role is to help you to apply the priciples of WebZen to your existing website(s) or your newest project helping you stand out amoung a sea of millions of websites out there that are simply there hold a slot in cyberspace with your name or logo.

You websites set-up, operation, updates and maintainance  should be easy in this day and age we are here to ensure thay actully are. Not only do we ensure you are in full control of every aspect of your website, it’s hosting and its operation we also ensure that you never need to worry about anythng technical or complicated.

Webhosting &  Domains

With our own dedicated cloud hosting platform that uses only SSD ( Solid state drives )  we offer some of the fastest hosting speeds for websites in the UK.

Our accellerated WordPress hosting ensures your new wordpress website is faster and more reliable than your competitors site and measurabley so..!

Our hosting control panel is icon based and simple to use. Want a new email address at your domain.com? Login… click the email icon and your reday to creat any email address you want in seconds for yourself, your business or your friends and family even.

Check your site visitor traffic with the same simple login process or point your other domain names to your main site to ensure those domain names you liked the look of one rainy day last month actully do something for you instead of just sitting there.

Log in and done… Once your logged into your WebZen Client Portal theres no need to remember passwords to login to your other websites or domain names.

Our secure, encrypted,  fully GDPR data compliant online systems take care of the technical side of things for you allowing you fully secured access to everything you need to quickly, securely and effortlessly all in one place !

Design & Development

ADCintenet’s WebZen team have extensive experience in creating high performance, feature-packed websites, webstores, blog sites, corporate sites, charity sites, creative sites and well just about every type of site out there imaginable.

Full or part branded website projects can turn you humdrum mediocre web presence into a corporate flagship site, give your site a complete new look, feel or interactive experience or make your website less cluttered and more easy to access and understand.

Our designers fully co-exist and co-operate throughout the entire development process with site coders and developers to ensure your site looks and feels as well as it performs.

Once complete you’ll hit the ground running, your web site can be fully SEO’d ( SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISED ) from the ground up during development if you wish. No need to then pay for additional SEO work immidiately on completion.

If however you’ve a deadline to meet and speed is of the essense for you we can generate a site / presence that relects your personal, company or corporate look to your visitors to your specific deadlines and work concientiously away unseen in the back ground tweaking, refining and altering the dynamics of your site to ensure your visable as soon as possible and your site ranks as well as it possibly can in the meantime.

Fully adaptive sites that automatically adjust to any mobile , tablet, PC or laptop device are produced as our standard offering today with all wordpress sites. WordPress does it best to ensure your site looks as well on a mobile as it does on your office PC or Laptop. As with all things theres usually room for inprovements.

Our team can and are often employed to fully optimise and enhance sites created for specific or generalised cross device compatability ensuring your site will disply the way it is best viewed on any device. With 64% of websites now being accessed via mobile devices today we ensure your visitors can you you the way you intend them to no matter what the device.

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