Easy to use... Web sites, Computer Training & PC SupportSee the options and features we include as standard with all of our websites below now...

Our web sites & other services are totallyincrediblyextremely adaptable & easy to use.

Our Web Solutions, Features & Platforms

Easy Selfbuild Websites

We offer fully editable website builders with pre-built templates you can update anytime.

Get easy selfbuild webdesign in Aberdeen
From ONLY £6.75 Per/Month

Personal Websites / Blogs

We provide personal & blog sites with 30 days *free live call & unlimited online support
For Only £11.25 Per / Month
Plus+ 1 off set-up fee of £29.95 applies

Easy Assisted Websites

Pro designers give live online assistance as you build your own website on our self-build platform.
From ONLY £11.25 Per/Month

Business WebHosting Platform

We provide business websites with 60 days *free live call & unlimited online support
Only £19.95 Per / Month
Plus+ 1 off set-up fee of £75.00 applies

Easy Webstore Websites

Along with your fully editable website builder we can add an eCommerce cart solution & store to any existing website.
From ONLY £19.99 Per/Month

High Security Platform

We provide eCommerce & secure site with 180 days *free live call & unlimited online support. Only £49.95 Per / Month
Plus+ 1 off set-up fee of £250.00 applies
Guaranteed safe operation & security 24/7.

Budget SEO Services

With our budget (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation Service your site is optimised by our experts to help search engines find and rank your site(s) as high as possible.

PLUS+ ..we Include at no extra cost..!
A Free Google search engine site listing.

We professionally list your site and confirm your site is properly listed with Google. We then ensure your search engine listing is officially validated.

From ONLY £99 Per/Site (For upto 10 pages)

Site Upgrades & Extras

All of the following are available to buy to help you secure, update or manage your website(s) at any time

Available Instant Upgrades

Scheduled Site Maintenance & Backups, Enhanced Security, Site Lockdown, Mal-ware Protection, SSL Certification, Search Engine Listing, Advanced Monitoring & Statistics, Google Pay-Per-Click, Search Optimisation, Advertising Campaigns & more...

If a service or upgrade you need isn't listed... just ask. If we can make it available we will.

and more...

Domain names from only £4.99 per/year
We provide all (TLD) Top Level Domain names with our .co.uk/.com/.net domains provided free for our web hosting platform customers as long as they are with us.

Free Domain transfers
We'll even allow you to transfer your existing .co.uk/.com/.net name to us for free when hosting with us.

Personal Domain Names Contact Privacy
so that your identity, including home address, phone number, and email address, is shielded from spammers, identity thieves, scammers, and other undesirables.

ICANN compliance guaranteed
Including registrant validation and expiration reminder emails.

Free Search Tools like our Name Suggestion and Premium Domains tools make it easier for you to buy sought after & premium domain names with pedigree like .me .mobi .tel .pro .tv. eu .club .coop .info .jobs .name .tel .xxx and many more...

Professional Space for sites & personal blogs We will always provide you more than enough space for your website(s). You'll never need to worry about not having enough space with us. You can add as many webpages to your website(s) as you like at no extra cost at any time.

All you can eat webspace On Us..! Our webspace & our bandwidth allowance means you are never in danger of running out for any business webspace or personal blog site space. We've NEVER had any customer need to ask us for more webspace. But if you ever do need it... just ask..!

*Unlimited webspace comes as standard with all of our web hosting platform accounts

*Unlimited (Fair use policy and standard hosting terms & conditions apply)
Create Professional Email Accounts We will always provide more than enough space for your email. You'll never need to worry about not having enough space with us. You can add as many email accounts as you like on your domain at no extra cost at any time. We'll can even teach you how to manage your accounts professionally to make the most of them.

Get Free Webmail On Us..! In addition to being able to create your own email accounts at any time we include our FREE webmail services for every email account you create. Getting your mail on the move or on holiday via your mobile device, iPhone or in an internet cafe is a breeze with us.

Full easy to use videos & mail setup guides are included to make managing & creating email account simple.

*Unlimited webspace comes as standard with all of our web hosting platform accounts

*Unlimited (Fair use policy and standard hosting terms & conditions apply)
Not sure how to build a website?

Plesk Web Presence Builder or cPanel RVSiteBuilder, Trendy's flash Website Builder and many more including the World Famous instant drag-n-drop BK Website Builder allows you to create your new website in minutes.

With 100's of free templates we're sure there is something to suit your needs!

Whether you need your first business site in a hurry, you want to create a site for personal use or just get the kidz started early with web technology... we are here to help you with the right solution.

Our self-builder solutions start at just £6.75 for website, webspace & email - AMAZING VALUE..!
We provide Plesk & Cpanel Application Vaults as standard, allowing easy setup of over 200 great web applications for creating different types of websites with just one click.

We offer more than 230 applications/scripts free and allows you to install them instantly. You can access a huge library of live web applications. From bulletin boards to content management systems, education platforms to marketing & webstore platforms. You can even create your own social network site instantly.

Simply install the web application of your choice add your own content, customise and launch.
We are proud to be offering some of the fastest and the very best server based platforms the UK can now offer.

Our services are backed-up & supported by our own friendly, educated and knowledgeable professional IT & network administration staff from across both Scotland & England in the UK.

Your provision is directly supplied from the UK's top datacentres to provide low-latency and high performance services across UK & Europe.
Worldwide performance...reliability & delivery

Our cloud based services run on redundant and load balanced clusters, giving peak performance at all times and which allows us to offer a 99.99% up-time guarantee. This gives our customers the peace of mind that our services will be available 24x7x365 no matter where you or your customers are based.

Our global class servers are located/deployed in Huston, Texas, USA are the very definition of state of the art.
All of our website & platform product & services actually include free live call support for the first 30 days after sign-up as a minimum at no extra cost.

We provide online & live support for all of our services we deliver. We even have our own dedicated technical support & training websites.

Priority instant live telephone & remote support & training can be purchased at any time and is available for all of our customers 24/7.

We also provide free online technical support. With our easy to use online step-by-step setup guides, live online video tutorials as well as unlimited email & live ticketed technical support you'll never be more than a click or a call from solving any technical issue.

30 day subscriptions you can cancel at any time.

Subscribe to any web hosting account and the easily spread our service price in a one off or monthly secure subscription via PayPal.

We believe in retaining business through exemplary service, rather than the small print in a long-term contract, so you are free to cancel your subscription(s) with us at any time you need to.
Cancel at anytime in your first 30 days...

We are so confident in our products & services that we will *refund your subscription fees if you are not happy with our service at any point during the first 30 days of your subscription.

We give our customers the complete freedom to walk away with no questions asked should you ever need to..! (*excludes domains names)

We're not the only ones whisperingshoutingscreamingexcitedhappyravingtalking about our services...

We have helped over 3,500 customers in 8 countries enjoy success both on & offline with the help of our partners

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